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  • China supplier sidewall corrugated belt conveyor price
  • China supplier sidewall corrugated belt conveyor price

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1. Corrugated Belt conveyor in accordance with nation standard.
2. Standard parts and free combination.
3. Large conveying capacity 


China supplier sidewall corrugated belt conveyor price

Corrugated Belt conveyor introduction

Sidewall corrugated belt conveyor is a product of general-purpose series, it is the continuous conveyor equipment which uses cotton, nylon or polyester canvas and steel cable core conveyor belt as the traction member, it has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance and high degree of component standardization, all these make it easy to realize automatic control of conveying system.

Widely used in such sectors as of mining, metallurgy, power generation, heating and coal for conveying various kinds of bulk and itemized goods with a bulk density of 0.5-2.5t/m3.

According to process requirements for conveyance, either a single unit can be used to convey goods, or multiple units can be integrated to form combined conveying system or form a horizontal, vertical or inclined conveying system together with other conveyor equipment in order to meet the needs of production lines of different arrangements.

Belt conveyor can be operated at ambient temperature of -20 to +40°C, with the temperature of conveyed material below 50°C.

Conveying capacity can meet the requirements for normal operation under various conditions, thus it becomes a popular conveyor equipment.

Series product can meet the requirements for horizontal conveying, elevation, upward and downward conveying, it can also adopt combined conveying mode of concave and convex curved segment, concave curve section or straight-line segment.

During the selection, the design and calculation for type selection should be made according to different terrains and different conditions with a view to achieving expected effect.

\Main Features 

1. Reasonable structure, large conveying capacity.

2. Stable performance and reliable operation.

3. High universality, easy maintenance. 

4. Operating temperature: -15 degrees ~+40 degrees ,the temperature of material is below 50 degrees, the  loose density is 0.5-2.2t/m3

5. According to the requirements of transportation technology, can be a single delivery, but also more machine or other conveyors horizontal or inclined conveying system.

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