• Disc Brake for belt conveyor
  • Disc Brake for belt conveyor

  • Model :

1.Control deceleration in the range of 0.05~0.3m/s2 .
2.Braking safely and reliably under conditions such as abruptly blackout, electric motor hypervelocity, conveyor belt slip, or other protect instructions input etc.
3.no spark during braking and surface temperature less than 150°C.
4.Maximum braking torque is adjustable from 10~1000KN.M
5.Full loaded restart softly and stable.
6.Has electric motor overs-peed protection, belt slip detection and protection etc. 
7.Hydraulic system double circuits, one in operation one standby
8.Explosion proof electricity liquid proportion technology is used. The system is easily assembled and adjusted, and has high reliability.

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