• electric motor pulley
  • electric motor pulley

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introduce of motorized pulley

Electric drive roller roller components and redirection roller group, electric drum for belt conveyor and improve equipment such as power.Widely used in mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, building materials, electric power, food and transportation department

Application  of motorized pulley
1, can be used instead of the widespread use of a motor reducer type of external drive means for constituting the belt conveyor can transport coal, ore, sand, cement, flour and other bulk materials, can also transport sack, and equipment into the items .
2, simple and compact structure, small footprint area.
3, sealed for dust concentration, wet and muddy in the workplace.
4, easy maintenance, safe and reliable operation and long life.
5, energy consumption, and easy to implement centralized control.
6, can meet a variety of backstop, brake, plastic packets and other needs.
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