• Permanent magnet 3-phase synchronous motor
  • Permanent magnet 3-phase synchronous motor

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Electric Motor/three-phase asynchronous motor/induction motor/




a series of machine-building organizations of the Y series induction motor derived from the main series.Electromagnetic speed motor motor by dragging (Y Series Motor), and electromagnetic slip clutch three-part composition of the controller can be used to turn away from the Constant load occasions, in particular, it is appropriate to decrease the use of load torque (such as centrifugal pumps and Fan), the more obvious energy-saving effect.

electromagnetic motor can be provided within the framework of uniform speed, continuous stepless speed and torque output rating, in the operation of the motor torque when the load changes can control the speed of the negative feedback system Clutch automatic adjustment of the excitation current, so that the output speed is basically unchanged.

This series has a unified national motor skills, shape and size of the installation, and other motor drag wearing parts factories all over the country are unified and interchangeable.

  1. Out of control-free zone
  2. Speed range, speed, balance adjustment
  3. With the speed of negative feedback system of automatic adjustment, the rate of small changes in speed 
  4. Starting torque, starting balance
  5. Structure is simple, reliable and easy to maintain the use of
  6. Control of small power, and a variety of ways to achieve control   



be used to paint line, assembly line with the transfer, injection molding machines, printing and dyeing, printing machines, pumps, blowers, back to the converter, cable, rolls of paper, machine, pressing machine, air-conditioning equipment And transportation equipment.

Voltage, frequency and working conditions

Motor speed to the following conditions, in continuous operation under the rated load:

  1. Rated voltage induction motor according to the instructions nameplate value
  2. Rated frequency induction motor according to the instructions nameplate value
  3. Not more than 1000 meters above sea level
  4. Allow to cool the air around the maximum temperature of +40
  5. Media ferromagnetic materials do not contain dust or metal corrosion, insulation damage to the gas. 
Insulation level 
Excitation windings using grade B or F insulation.
Order Information
  1. User selection of the series motor should be selected so that the motor torque rating of greater than or equal to the load torque.
  2. Order stating the product type, nominal power, speed range, the need for control, test generators.


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