• Primary Belt Scraper/ Conveyor Belt Cleaner/ Primary Belt Cleaner
  • Primary Belt Scraper/ Conveyor Belt Cleaner/ Primary Belt Cleaner

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Conveyor Belt Clearners:

Conveyor Belt Cleaners help remove bulk material product carry back and prevent it from falling off at various points of the conveyor along the return side of the belt causing various housekeeping and conveyor belt maintenance problems.


Various kinds of belt cleaners for your options:

Primary Belt Cleaner with Polyurethane Blade,

Secondary Belt Cleaners with Polyurethane Blade,

V Plough Belt Cleaners

H-Type Belt Cleaners with Tungsten Carbide Tips

P-Type Belt Cleaners with Tungsten Carbide Tips

Rotary Brush Belt Cleaner

Carry back can lead to:

1.Excessive build up and wear on conveyor belt idlers and pulleys

2.Conveyor belt misalignment due to the artificial crown created by the carry back.

3.Accumulation of material falling off conveyor belt idler's and structure to the ground or on building, vehicles or even people.

4.Negative and unsafe work environment.

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